LDC Hardscape Design is a family owned and operated business. Our core principles are quality and communication. With over 20 years of experience in Northern VA our staff has had to opportunity to work with a variety of clients and complete projects of all sizes.

The LDC Difference


With our many years of experience, we have established our own construction standards which far exceed the industry standards. No two project locations are the same and soil and compaction can vary requiring additional excavation and aggregate to ensure the project can stand the test of time.


Communication is key to a successful project starting from the initial call for an estimate to project completion. LDC has developed a process that creates a seamless flow from conception to completion from utilizing text messaging software to ensure responses happen quickly and can be seen by our entire team to our daily notifications during your project.


Our Design process starts with a site visit to understand how to intend to use the space so that our designers to create a space for you that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient. At the initial consult we set up a second meeting within a week or two to give our designers to opportunity to draw and price the design options. The second meeting works great as it is very interactive allowing you and the designer to discuss in detail with the designer able to make changes in real time using 3D software to ensure we arrive at the best option for you.

Project Management

Our knowledgeable project management team provides a great experience through daily communcation, in house inspections to ensure all projects are installed per our high quality standards, along with providing on going solutions during the project to ensure that the end result is optimal.

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